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Nordic FoodTech VC

Nordic FoodTech VC is the first fund in the Nordics investing explicitly in the future of food

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Food is ripe for disruptions.

Transformation of the food system is a necessity for the people, society and our planet. It also presents a great opportunity for sustainable business. Nordic ingenuity, with its top-tier research and know-how of well-being, are an endless source of solutions on a global scale. We invest in founders leveraging the best possible technologies to renew the food chain. Read more about our responsible investment policy and adverse sustainability impact statement by clicking the button below.

Sustainability Policy

Investors. Do you share our vision?

If you share our vision of changing the food value chain and are looking for investment opportunities, please contact us and let’s have a talk.


Innovators. Looking for investors?

Do you have an innovative idea or business model that would change the food value chain? If you are looking for investors that have exceptional understanding of the business, do get in touch with us.

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We know foodtech.

We are a team with exceptionally diverse capabilities and networks – specifically in foodtech. We bring to the table solid experience in building and financing food companies, research and product development, branding and marketing.

Pekka Siivonen-Uotila, Partner

Entrepreneurship, vision and innovation welldone.

Mika Kukkurainen, Managing Partner

Experienced food concept and brand developer.

Kaisa Poutanen, Advisor

Excellence in food technology and nutrition.

Lauri Reuter, Partner

Scientist with passion for radically sustainable future of food.

Jari Tuovinen, Partner

Seasoned investor who brings to the table experience in business strategy and fund management.

What we all share is a curious mind and a strong vision for a better future.

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